How Can Pressure Cooking Save Time in the Kitchen?

There was a time when our grandparents cooked foods for us and were standing in the kitchen for long time to make food. However, with our busy schedules, we get very little time to cook for our loved ones, though we all want to make healthy foods for them. Therefore, a lot of people have now turned towards buying foods from the restaurant and hotels which are not hygiene and health wise good for them. In this scenario, the best thing would be to have a pressure cooker; this will help you out and save your time and energy in cooking foods for your loved ones in much less time.

No doubt from the sixties to now, time has been changed. Cookers available in the market are now safer and with added features. All pressure cookers are heavy pots or pans which a lid that locks it airtight with seal which keeps air pressure and heat inside the cooker to make food in it at much less time.

  • In the beginning there were First Generation Cookers in which cooking food was quite difficult. At that time people had to watch it constantly and some moisture was lost through steam. Another problem was that it made too much noise.
  • Modified First-Generation Cookers were sophisticated ones and had spring loaded valve but they were less noisy and less moisture losing cookers.
  • Second-Generation Cookers had spring-loaded rod which maintained the pressure in the cooker.

Pressure cooker is like any pot you use in the kitchen except it has a lid that seals the pot. This locks or traps heat and air inside the pot which cooks your food quickly. This saves your time by almost 70% as compared to other traditional cooking pots or pans you use. Whatever time you save in the cooking can be utilized for other works.

These pressure cookers do not save time only but due to air tight locking they stop any splattering in the kitchen. This saves your kitchen ceiling and walls from looking bad. The food cooked in a cooker contains more nutrients, and the food color is also good.

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